Soups have a high nutritional value; they can fill any nutritional gaps in the main meal. Made with unprocessed foods, they retain all their nutrients. They allow you to use leftovers that have been thrown away, and thus prevent waste. In addition to being easy to make and ecological, they envelop the kitchen with their wonderful comforting aromas.

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Comfort food but remain of high nutritional value!

Leftovers from
vegetables, fish, chicken, pork, beef
lentils, vegetables, seafood, meat
Puree with cream
plant-based milk beverages, dairy
frozen, canned, powdered


Making homemade broth is the ultimate way to repurpose leftovers. Any broth recipe can be followed as a baseline; for additional flavour, add condiments as desired. Adapt as necessary.


Boil meat leftovers with wilted greens, carrots tops, celery, onions. Add in herbs and spices, bring to a boil, and simmer for an hour.

For a puree, boil everything until cooked to perfection, then puree to desired consistency.


  • In order to fit the type of meal or to add nutritional value such as a source of vegetable or protein if the main meal includes little.
  • If using dairy, try to look for organic and/or grass-fed dairy.
  • Processed soups should not be served “as is”: they must be improved with the addition of fresh vegetables or proteins.

Did you know

Replace dairy by plant-based milk; ensure that it is fortified with sufficient nutrients.

A soup native to First Nations such as the Iroquois and Ouendat is the Three Sisters Soup, made out of corn, beans, and squash. To try!

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This document aims to support the creation of sustainable menus in the food service sector, a step by step approach. It offers relevant tools to reduce the environmental impact of the food served and contribute to socio-economic development.

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